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Update your work from previous weeks with any feedback received and new information learned along the way, such as the following:

  • A high-level discussion of how the system should be acquired and maintained
  • A discussion of the strategic role the system will play in the company
  • An executive summary of the project, succinctly summarizing the rest of the material in the paper
  • Four to six references

Submit the final project paper of 3,500 to 4,200 words


New System Proposal

Jamon Drummond

Corey D. Harrison

Majid Kahn

Rodney Larson

Walter B. Williams Jr.

CIS 207

October 29th, 2014

Professor Levi Roys


Business requirements driving the need for the system

Riordan Manufacturing is a global plastics manufacturer looking to expand its business outside of the United States. With the new business expansion the current system that is in place will need to be upgraded to service the needs of future customers and stake holders. A fortune 1000 enterprise with revenues in excess of $1 billion the business requirements of any organization with new advancements in technology needed to keep up with the world growth. Riordan Manufacturing serves 15 to 20 major companies, along with government contract for aircraft manufactures for military and commercial airlines. They also supply the Department of Defense, plastic bottles for cola companies, and appliance manufacturers just to name a few. Employees will need to have access to a database server that holds information of customers while also gathering data on future sales. This particular database will need to be protected by security firewalls that block out unsecure traffic. Permissions to the database will need to manned by IT professionals who will use security cards to verify authentication access to files and data. Supervisors will also make sure all employees are trained on a variety of tools that will also be implemented such as SharePoint, Oracle products, and Vsphere just to name a few. In order to better understand and anticipate customer needs, the firm is evaluating a new integrated customer management system to accompany the new team selling approach that will be soon rolled out. The implementation of servers that can house and store these data records of its customers. This data warehouse will also hold Local Area Network for employees to share information received to other Riordan locations.

Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP)           

CISSP is one the most recognized systems worldwide that majorly deals with the confirmation of one’s knowledge in the field of information security. With this chief function, they are able to protect the various business environments bearing in mind that information is one of the key pillars in the business world. The system boasts from the fact that it is the first system to receive certification in the field of information systems among all other systems present currently that do deal in information system.

As stated earlier, the system majorly works by giving a confirmation towards one’s knowledge on information security; this is actually done by testing the abilities of a particular individual by use 10 domains as required by this system of information. Some of the 10 domains include physical security, software development security as well as operations security among other domains. The examination test majors mainly on the current critical topics in relation to security; some of those topics include, mobile security, risk management as well as cloud computing, mentioning just but a few. As a requirement for qualification, the system also holds on the notion that one must have a minimum of 5 years working experience on two of the ten domains in which one is examined (Maynard & Ruighaver 2006)

Ethical Concerns of CISSP System

Ethics generally refers to a set of conduct that governs a society or community or any social organization among people. It tries to regulate the behaviour of each and every individual by incorporating various aspects of the particular communities or societies in which each individual belongs.

CISSP being a social system concerned majorly with security information also involve ethics in its various operations. The system takes code of ethics as a condition that must be upheld by each and every person. CISSP is aiming at offering protection to the society and this is to be done by ensuring that each and every member of the society is protected from any kind of discrimination or other forms of corruption. The information security system therefore aims at offering equality to all people in the various situations thus forming one of its ethical concerns. Another ethical concern associated with this system is the protection of commonwealth of societies as well as the infrastructure that is present and around the various people in the society.

The system is also concerned with giving its services in an honest manner as well as act justly and especially in conducting of the various examinations when they are actually confirming one’s knowledge on information security. The system also considers it ethical to work responsibly and also legally; in this case they ensure that they take charge in all areas in which the system is concerned. In general, they aim at giving quality service to the society which therefore forms their chief ethical concern (Carbone 2004).


Proposed Business Changes

Our corporation is a major producer of natural gas and oil in the U.S. The corporation’s information flow is put into effect by the pipeline or information network design, network circuits with cell modems and fiber circuits. With the effective data transfer network, the corporation should consider implementing a unified system with internet access to improve its business processes . The unified system will ensure a smooth flow of business processes, consistency of operations both at the field and company headquarters and quality control. In addition, the system will implement a new and more effective production control and inventory management protocol.

The business changes brought about by the implementation of the new system will promote effectiveness in the various departments of the corporation. Raw materials, or energy from the plants, will be received electronically at the company headquarters, sorted and sent to the unified system’s database. The process will be concurrent with the reception of orders, a fast method that will save time. Inventories management and product shipping will also be done at the unified system software, instead of the previous case where it was handled manually at the company headquarters accounting department.

The unified system will be hosted at the headquarters and will be able to link the energy plants, the headquarters and the supply markets/clients. In the system, a concurrent process will take place involving the reception of energy from the various plants (input) and the requested amount of energy from the markets (output). The system will organize the information and print out a list to prepare products to be delivered to the clients. The orders will be fulfilled from the systems inventory and finally delivered to the required markets.

Internet and mobile access components

The system should allow maximum access for its effectiveness. This will require the software developed to be readily accessed online and on mobile access components such as phones and tablets. With the new unified system,  we will have an up to date system that allows flexibility, mobility and portability within the corporation. Since the company’s processes are divided into production and delivery processes, the system will help identify and correct errors in the specific departments. With the system, the corporation will increase its accurate inventory count (real-time), which helps reduce errors and deliver products with accuracy and precision.

The software will be available for download on both computers and mobile access components. With the mobile software, employees will no longer be forced to make inquiries on company PCs. They will be able to do it anywhere as long as there is a reliable internet connection, saving them the time and energy to use the desktops located at the company headquarters.

The unified system will not only help the employees, but will also be beneficial to the market sources/clients. The employees and designated clients will be given user accounts and profiles that will enable them to check the inventory, product availability, pricing and delivery details online. This is an important aspect of the application, as it will enhance the corporation’s relationship with its clients and provide a marketing opportunity, boosting business at  and keep its clients content.





Flow Diagram for the Unified System


Plant 1





Plant 2









Plant 5






New System Proposal

When our business begins a new project, there are a lot of specific requirements that must be taken into account. Many businesses are built off of a specific platform, whether it is oil, retail sales or the auto industry. Each of these business models has different requirements when a new project is in the creation phase.

If a business began a project of developing its own website for the world and its customers to see, there are many factors that must be taken into account. For example, if the business offers sales, they may want to have a section of their website where the customer can purchase items. Most important for all business websites is the landing or homepage. Second only to the homepage on all websites is how the customer can contact or find the business.

The project of creating this website would have a few main requirements. When developing a website, each page will represent a different portion of what the business offers. If the company were an oil company, they may offer refinery, crude oil and even employment opportunities.

The business will need to take into account the employees, assets or money involved in creating this project. The requirements of this project will need to match the level of assets utilized.

Each project created by a business will always have specific requirements. Each of these requirements must be taken into account when creating the project.





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