What: Db #1

History, War, Howard Zinn and Peter Stearns
Please read Peter Stearns’ Why Study History attached below and view Howard Zinn’s “Just War Speech” located below.

Note: This is an ongoing discussion/conversation and rebuttals are required. Yes, I will “chime in” from time-to-time to ensure the integrity of the conversation!

1. Read and master the salient points from Peter Stearns’  Why Study History.
2. View and master the salient points from Howard Zinn’s  Just  War speech.
3. Using the Db criteria outlined in the syllabus, write a three-paragraph essay (5 sentences per paragraph) on the following:

Identify ONE point from Stearns and demonstrate how it manifests (reveals) itself in Howard Zinn’s speech. Once you complete your original/primary posting then comment on your co-students post. Both your original post and rebuttals/responses/secondary must be completed by the due date. Again, please identify only one point made by Stearns and relate it to Howard Zinn.

Final point: you must post one original response and rebut/respond to at least two classmates. Make sure you identify your classmates name on your rebuttals.
Grading Rubric and please use the three-paragraph format addressed in the Course Syllabus:

1. +2 introduction     (must clearly identify only one point for analysis)
2. +6 analysis          (must critically address issue in relations to the video source and article)
3. +2 conclusion       (must provide a concluding comment)
4. +0 to +5 rebuttal  (must provide substantive response to a classmate)

Why Study History Peter Stearns rtf (6).pdf
Video: https://youtu.be/ccumYKVrpbM

Student 1:
Student 2:


What:  Xtra Credit: Why Study History!
Due: Immediately and no later than Sunday, August, 26th, 11:59PM

Worth: +5 points for original points with rebuttals/responses to classmates! NOTE: To be credited at the end of the semester if, and only if, you completed all assignments.

Note: No reading is required. Merely watch the video, post a one paragraph reflection, and have fun!

View the video below (Why Study History). Once you do this, then post a comment (click on reply) on it and respond/rebut to  classmate. Have fun! Keep it “light!” And, again, a one paragraph response consisting of 4 or 5 sentences will suffice! Finally, don’t forget to respond to a classmate!

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/gQ3pagHPrMY


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