6 page paper on United States Affordable Health Care Act – Due in 3 days.

In 2010, the United States Government passed landmark legislation with the Affordable Health Care for America Act. Beyond the obvious changes, elements of this legislation will result in fiscal and operational adjustments for every type of frontline health care provider. 


This project is to write an 6 page paper analyzing two actual or potential changes resulting from the Affordable Health Care Act on one type of frontline health care provider. Sample providers include physicians, hospitals, public health systems, and health insurance companies.


You must be specific in your analysis. For example, “financial change” is not specific enough. You must identify the specific change (that is, delayed insurance payments, increased annual revenue, and so on.). As you do so, please explain possible causes of the change as well as the short-term and long-term effects. Areas for consideration include business, impact of health care coverage as related to medical condition, financial, managerial, clinical, and operational changes required to meet the demands resulting from this legislation.





APA REFERENCES! Use sources acceptable for academic papers (Wikipedia does NOT count)



Below I have attached an outline to give an idea of how the paper should look and consist of along with another paper that has info you can copy and paste to add to the paper. 

I have also atatched an annotated bibliography which will help you for sources for the paper. 


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