African American Personality Development Reaction Paper

African American Personality Development Reaction Paper #3

For reaction paper #3, you will choose an article from one of the following Special Editions of The Journal of Pan African Studies(JPAS), and dialogue with what the author has written. You can choose from one of the following Special Editions:

Special Edition on African/Black Psychology:

Special Edition on Amos Wilson:

Special Edition on Frantz Fanon:

Special Edition on Frances Cress Welsing:

Please do not choose the Intro or the interview with Dr. Linda James Myers in the Special Edition on African/Black Psychology because we will read this for class. Some questions to keep in mind include: What is the thesis of the article? Do you agree with what the author has written? Do you have any criticisms of the article? How does this article pertain to what we have covered in class so far? What is the importance of a Black Studies journal dedicating an entire Special Edition to African/Black Psychology or to an African/Black Psychologist? Have you ever heard of these African/Black Psychologists before? Why or why not? Does this Special Edition move African/Black Psychology as a body of knowledge forward? If we have already read an article by the author you chose, how does this article relate or compare? How does your article/this Special Edition move to discipline of Black Studies forward? What is the importance of this information being included in an online Black Studies journal that is accessible to everyone?

This paper should be 4 pages (at least 1200 words) of actual text excluding the cover page and the Works Cited/Bibliography page. This paper must also be:

*formal in structure

*grammatically correct

*formatted correctly via your citation style

*cited correctly (via MLA, APA, or Chicago)


*double spaced

*use 12-point font

*use Times New Roman font

*include page numbers

*include a title

*underline your thesis

*type in the word count on the bottom of the last page of the paper

Also, please make sure you take into consideration all of the comments you received on your last papers. This reaction paper is due on Wednesday, October 24th. No late papers will be accepted. Hotep!


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