Analyze the Calgary Oil Shale Technologies, Inc. on pages 588-590 and answer the following questions:


  1. Algoma Howard and Carlos Debrito phased in permanent cross-functional teams in Alberta. What types of teams are the “fireside chats” and “problem-busting teams”? Through what stage or stages of team development did these groups evolve?
  1. What role did Carlos Debrito play in the success of the Alberta team-based productivity project? What leadership approach did he employ to help reduce conflict between labor and professionals?  Do you agree with Algoma Howard that if she just had a Carlos Debrito in Colorado, the project would succeed?  Explain your answer.


  1. What advice would you give Algoma Howard and her team for improving the employee-involvement climate, containing costs, and meeting production goals at the Colorado facility?
  2. Use this format


Choose the latest time (dates, year, and month). Justify what is the real issue of hand. Justify by looking at what is happening in the company right now.


  1. Viewpoint

Practice viewpoint as the president or general manager or a consultant. This will guide as parameter of the analysis.

Define the nature of the problem that is being confronted.


III.        Central Problem

Real analysis of the problem. Look at the specifics.

A problem is a deviation from the normal. When citing a problem, it should be a “statement” with the cause and effect.

Example : symptom – poor sales performance

Situations outside are constraints that you have to coped with it. Look at the situation inside.



  1. Objective/s – setting SMART or SMART2 objectives. This is the ideal condition of the company. This can be taken from the case materials.


  1. Areas of Consideration – what are the facts given in the case. Take only relevant facts.

Can provide you with possible solutions. Can also be a situation/area that can contribute to the existence of the problem that makes it relevant at the same time can contribute to solve the problem.

  1. Alterative Courses of Action

How to solve the problem. Each solution shall be able to stand with itself. Common error is dividing the solutions.

Possible solution to problem.

Each alternative shall be discussed

Come up with comparative cost & benefits, advantages vs disadvantages


VII.       Recommendation

The real decision. Choose only one of the Alternative courses of Action. The most practical and reasonable.


VIII.      Plan of Action

How will you implement the recommendation?

As a consultant – The first Plan of action is “to recommend the ACA and recommendation to president”


  1. Fall Back position Report

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