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Getting Comfortable Talking about Race, communications homework help

Main Discussion Board General Directions **Scroll down to see this week’s specific instructions** Your Main DBs are a core part of the class and are meant to critically engage you with the material, each other, and occasionally with me. I monitor quietly and will “Like” your post once I’ve reviewed it. Occasionally I will ask […]

procurement process, management homework help

An important part of the procurement process is communicating your needs to potential vendors or suppliers. Depending on the circumstances of a particular project, the way in which you communicate your needs may vary. Consider the different procurement documents commonly used—RFP, RFQ, RFI, and IFB. Based on your reading and experience discuss how you choose […]

Performance Management, accounting homework help

Summarize the discussion/question.Recommend suggestions on how performance management could be improved, or set support if it doesn’t need improvement, in each organization. 1.What attributes do you think makes a good manager? Great communication, organization, goal setting, and acknowledgments and achievements of employees(rewarding). 2. How do you like to receive feedback on your work as a […]

organization development and change questions, management homework help

1, Read chapter 11 and do exercise 11.3 (pp. 374-379). Question 1, 2, & 3.  +2 responses( response your own work) 2, Read the paper that I upload. The Armenakis, Harris, and Feild paper lays out seven strategies the change leader can use to create readiness for a change, gain adoption of the change, ultimately leading […]