Book Reports

Book report essay is an essay written on any particular book. It can be an analysis of the book, a critique of the book or can be simply a review of the book. Book report writing is very specific in nature with respect to information, facts, figures, statistics and references. Book report cannot be written without reading the book thoroughly. In a book report essay we cannot add any information from other sources; and if it is needed to get other references we need to cite it properly.

Usually book report writing does not follow a typical format; sometimes teachers ask for a simple review for which students do not need to research thoroughly. They just need to skim through the book and record important information and summarizing it in their own way. Contrastingly, a book report for critique and analysis need help from other sources in order to present a better picture of the book. Writing a book report can be very interesting if the topic of book is interesting; otherwise students find it relatively dry and dull to read through. Writing a book report essay can be easy and simple for those who have reading habits; however, those who do not take interest in reading long texts find it very difficult and impossible to write book reports.


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