Capstone Project


Capstone Project

Sections I, II, and III

In Week 2 you upgraded, rewrote, and submitted Sections I and II for feedback and scoring. This week you will revise Sections I and II and draft, edit, and present Section III. Section III focuses on design strategies and limitations. Requirements for Section III include:

General formatting according to the Capstone Project template (linked below the prompt)

Formatting and writing according to the APA format. Clear and concise writing

Section III sections:

Investigative Approach and Design Strategies

Investigative Approach

Theory Thread Strategies

Data Collection and Preparation Strategies

Data Analysis Strategies

Investigation Parameters or Limitations

Summary of Section Highlights.

For the Module 3 Capstone assignment, you will submit Sections I, II, and III using the Capstone Project template.

Be sure these sections of the report are as error free as possible before you submit your assignment. Especially consider the following:

Use the Capstone Project template and ensure proper formatting.

Assure accurate APA formatting of citations and references.

Write in a clear and concise academic writing style.

Limit Section I to 2 pages, Section II to 5 pages, and Section III to 3 pages.

Eliminate spelling and grammatical errors.

Use only third person.

Offer no opinions; present only what you can substantiate with a credible source.

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