Choose one country (only one country) from the one region and complete a resource analysis (description) of the destination

Department of Hospitality Business


HOS 220 – Course Project


Suggestions on where to obtain information:

  1. Speak with SNHU’s reference librarian;
  2. See the related Project PPT with suggested sites for the region’s and/or country’s



  1. The project is completed in two sections:
    1. Section IA, regional overview and section IB, country research will include both an extensive written and oral presentation, one assignment for the entire team;
    2. Section II, cultural introduction which will be an oral presentation only, is related to the specific country chosen and separated into topical areas (cultural folklore, cultural food, cultural initiation, cultural phenomena and/or cultural ritual). Each student will choose a different topical area. For example, cultural folklore will be completed by one student, cultural initiation by another, If a team is comprised of four people, there will be four separate presentations.
  2. The project must be researched, current and
  3. Visuals must support the oral Using the medium of area maps, videos, pictures, news reports, podcasts, etc., viewers of the presentation must see evidence of the destination and its related culture.

Section I: Regional and Country Research

Country-Turkey (focus on European Turkey, Not Asia)

Section IA – Regional Overview (20% of grade)-One page

From the assigned region (only one region) complete:


  1. An overview of the social, cultural and economic characteristics of the region;



Section IB – Country Research (30% of grade)-one page

Choose one country (only one country) from the one region and complete a resource analysis (description) of the destination. Include:


  1. Social geography
    1. Human development index ( life expectancy, growth rate, total fertility rate, infant mortality rate, educational attainment/literacy and income)
    2. Population rate
    3. Gender equity
    4. Social laws of the country? For example, in Singapore, gum chewing is illegal
    5. Political structure




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