cofee shop final project

You will need to create a project plan. This plan should be completely integrated and presented in a logical order. It should be written professionally and should be mistake-free in terms of spelling and grammar. The final project plan should incorporate any changes that occurred along the way, including corrections and advice given by colleagues or your professor.

Any tables and/or graphs should be labeled correctly. Your final project plan should consist of the following items.

  • Table of contents
  • Project charter
  • Scope statement
  • Work breakdown structure
  • Network diagram
  • Risk management plan
  • Resource management plan
  • Communication management plan


Project plan consisting of the following items

  • Business memo summarizing the submission for the week
  • Complete project plan, including the project charter
  • Lessons learned document (to be completed individually, even if the balance of the project was performed as part of a team)
    1. What went well in the project? What could have gone better?
    2. If working in a group
      • What did you learn from working in a project group? How did the interpersonal dynamics affect your participation?
      • If there were conflicts, how were they resolved?
    3. What did you learn in completing this project about yourself and how you work in a team environment?
    4. What could have made this project a better learning experience?




I wanted to give you some pointers on your week 8 Course Project.  This assignment includes all the previous course project assignments.  If, for some reason, you did not create some assignment along the way, and it is required for this assignment you will either need to create it or lose those points.  No points will be given for a past assignment that was not created until week 8.

Important information to reduce points:
1.  Include all the documents specified in the week 8 announcement and week 8 checklist.

2.  Include detailed narrative about each screen shot.  The narrative is not to tell what the screen shot is but what the screen shot is showing about your course

3.  Make sure you produce about 2 good paragraphs per screen shot to explain what or how the project is progressing.

4.  Warning:  Do not just name the screen shots and say it is a risk-management  plan.  This will hurt your points.  You need to say it is a risk-management  plan and explain it in about two good strong paragraphs that your course project has 6 major risks associated with it, why they are risks and what type of contingencies you have for those risks.  You will need to follow this process in each of your sections for maximum points.


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