comparing and contrasting essay

write an essay that compares two local food establishments. you will explain the similarties and diffrences between both establishments that you visit, this is an experience you essay should begin with your thesis the reminder of your essay should discuss how your experience supports that thesis. in your essay you will thoughts regarding your experience. no out side sources will be used in this essa. one of the main purpose of this essay is to show your own voice in the final anylasis, does this essay sound like you?

the essay should be at least 1200 words in length use 12 point font with one inch margens you essay should be double spaced.

 i want you to compare between (Mackenzie river restaurant which located in pocatello and olive garden in Idaho falls)

use the five senses.


– compare between the sounds, smell, taste, and the they serve the food and decoration of the both restaurant


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