complete both parts of the assignment on Page 251 in your textbook

This assignment contains 2 parts. You must complete both parts of the assignment Page 251 in your textbook shows an incident report submitted to Mary Valesquez at Bridgeford Industries. This report describes an incident in which hazardous chemicals were spilled by a company vehicle.Part 1(50% of grade)Using the information contained in the report on page 251, re-write the document as if you were Mary Valesquez writing an incident report for the CEO of Bridgeford industries. Make sure to adhere to all genre conventions of the incident report as discussed in the chapter, and that your report reflects appropriate handling of the ethical dilemma presented in this situation.Part 2(50% of grade)Write a reflective letter explaining your process for completing part 1 of the assignment. This letter should be written from you, the student, to me, your instructor. Be sure to follow proper formal letter guidelines regarding formatting and tone. This letter should address the following questions:In what ways did you notice the original report (as shown in your book) did not adhere to best practices for writing an incident report as described in your textbook? Use specific quotes as examples.How did you fix this in your revision of the report? (You must be more specific than “I didn’t do X bad thing”). Use specific quotes from your writing as examples.What is the ethical dilemma presented by this scenario?What ethical stances are in conflict?How did you begin to handle this ethical dilemma in your incident report, considering that this genre does not make in-depth recommendations for future action? I need correct answers

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