Description of LASA:

In this assignment, you will select a real-world operating system (can be for a PC, server, tablet, handheld, or embedded device). You will introduce the operating system and its components and then present and evaluate the operating system’s underlying components.
You have recently accepted a position as Director of System Administration at ViralMedia, a company that provides software for use by graphics artists. During your first week, the ViralMedia Director of System Security informed you that her team, for IT governance purposes, is examining operating systems used across the company. She asks you to prepare a presentation on one of the company’s operating systems to the Security Audit team and its stakeholders. She suggests that you create a PowerPoint presentation and then leverage a cloud-based presentation provider such as Zentation (see to deploy your presentation for viewing by remote stakeholders.
Create a 15 to 25 slide PowerPoint presentation that provides an overview of the operating system of your choice. You can choose a PC operating system such as Windows, a server-based system, such as Linux, or even a handheld-based system such as Android. Your presentation should begin with a Title slide and include a References slide at the end. Include detailed speaker’s notes for each slide within your presentation.
At a minimum, your presentation should:

Identify and describe your selected operating system, its purpose, and its role in relation to other software.
Describe the various interactive components of the operating system. Provide screen shots, such as the Control Panel, Security Settings for Files, and the System Performance Monitor, as appropriate for the system.
Describe the underlying components that make up the operating system and their role (such as file system, memory manager, network software, and device drivers).
Discuss (and, if possible, illustrate with screen captures), the memory-management technique the operating system employs.
Discuss the operating system’s support for multitasking and how it performs process scheduling.
Describe (and, if possible, illustrate with screen captures) security features the operating system provides.
Discuss the operating system’s support for file management and operations.
Discuss ways to update/patch the operating system.
Compare and contrast the operating system to others available for similar device use.


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