Discuss the political organization of the empire established by Charlemagne

This is a short-answer essay format where you will write on two prompts from a list of five. You will have three hours in which to complete. This assignment is due TODAY.
Instructions        Select and answer TWO of the FIVE essay questions. Define terms where appropriate. Use general statements to answer the question.  Support your statements with accurate and specific facts.
Each Exam essay should include an introduction, body, and conclusion.
Do not use quotations or semi-quotations from the text book. If you simply copy or mostly copy words from your book, rather than using your own words to explain concepts, you are not demonstrating that you understand and are able to answer the questions.  “Copied” answers will receive an F.

1.What do historians mean by “The Age of Pericles”? What were the political and cultural achievements of this age?
2.What role did religion play in the civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt? How did the religion of the ancient Hebrews differ from the religions of Mesopotamia and Egypt?
3.What were the chief characteristics of Benedictine monasticism and what role did it play in the conversion of the Germans to Christianity and in the intellectual life of Europe after the fall of Rome?
4.Discuss the political organization of the empire established by Charlemagne. Also include the disintegration of this empire after his death.
5.What were the main problems that Rome faced during the last century of the Republic? Include how Augustus attempted to resolve each of those problems.


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