One Assign.

While there is no minimum word requirement for each of the five questions, you are advised to reference the material from class or other external sources (including in-text citations per APA) to fully answer and support your conclusions.
Describe the difference between public and private sector leadership. Select a one leader in the private sector and one leader in the public sector and compare and contrast their leadership traits and qualities that make them effective in their organization.

Public leaders operate in an active and often controversial political environment. Identify what you think to be the most significant political issue impacting public leaders in your community today, and describe how you think these are being effectively addressed.

Imagine a scenario where you have been hired to lead a team in a public organization. You discover that there is a high degree of distrust between existing team members, and this is impacting their productivity. What steps would you take to correct this environment?

Developing and maintaining positive relationships with stakeholders of all kinds is necessary for leaders in the public environment. Describe the role that ethics plays in this area, and how a commitment to ethics can or should influence decisions made by the public leader on an ongoing basis.

Identify three barriers to successful change management in the public sector, and discuss how you, as a public leader, might manage these in a public sector organization.
2nd Assign.

Write a 1,050- to 1,750-word paper that includes the following:
Evaluate the various persuasive forms of leadership.
Describe the various ways a leader might be persuasive and facilitate change.
Select the two ways a leader might be the most persuasive and effective, and explain why. Provide examples to support your argument.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines
3RD Assign.

Write 250 to 300 words
Recommend potential decisions that could be made to address the leadership situation. Provide support for your recommendations.
Review your Leadership Versus Management Paper and reflect on how your viewpoints have changed because of this analysis.
Prepare 2 slides Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, with speaker’s notes, illustrating your analysis of the leadership situation.


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