Special Needs Mini-Project
Due in Week 6 and worth 50 points for the lesson plan with the education technology integration and 20 points for the discussion question.
You will not always know if you have students with special needs in your class. Students may not even know they have a special need and have always compensated on their own. Using educational technology can be a way to address these needs, both known and unknown. For example, e-readers allow students to control the font and the font size, get the definitions of unfamiliar words, and even have the text read to them. This addresses numerous needs such as reading to visually impaired students and allowing students with dyslexia to adjust the text to something that is easier to read for them. It also helps all students with vocabulary and reading comprehension.
First choose a short lesson plan that you would teach in your own classroom or the classroom in which you would like to teach. Then add an educational technology component such as an app or an actual piece of technology that would address a special need or needs for the lesson. In a short write-up (approximately one page), describe:

The technology
The need(s) it addresses
How you would integrate it into your lesson

Post your lesson plan and educational technology integration to the discussion board.
Read through the lesson plan of at least one of your classmates and provide feedback on their lesson. Include the following points:

Did their education technology component adequately address the needs they specified?
How well did you think that the educational technology component was integrated into the lesson?
Do you see any other needs that the educational technology could address?

Course Outcomes

Examine different types of technological resources for educational purposes.
Evaluate how technology can change the content and methods of education.
Analyze how technology can support the learning of diverse students.
Use technology and information resources to research issues in integrating technology into education.
Write clearly and concisely about integrating technology into education using proper writing mechanics.


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