1. “Chapters 26 and 27”

For your primary post, provide a link to a current news article or science article that is related to at least one topic from Chapter 26 “Solar System” and/or Chapter 27 “Stars & Galaxies.”
In addition to the link, write a paragraph of at least 125 words describing the article and how it relates to the material from the textbook. Which concepts from the text does it mention, cover or depend on? Is the article more or less detailed on the science than the textbook?

2. “IT Auditor”

Take a position on whether or not you would want to pursue a career as an IT auditor. Explain the key reasons why or why not. Explain the challenges auditors face as technology changes.
Imagine you are working as an IT auditor. Identify the three best practices you believe would be most useful when conducting audits for various businesses. Justify your choices.

3.”Software Configuration Management” Please respond to the following:

Software configuration management is a project function to increase the efficiency of technical and managerial activities by developing a configuration team for the whole organization or for each individual project. The team ensures that changes are incorporated into the systems in a controlled way. It also makes sure that records are maintained.

As a software engineer during the deployment of the software, you realize various file names are incorporated in the system code with different file structures on the target machine. In this situation, how you would address the configuration management challenges related to the release management process? Your answer should be related to your project in week 3. Give some specific examples of what you might do. Post your initial thoughts by Wednesday and then return a couple of other days before the Sunday due date to interact with your classmates. See how much peer learning and instruction you can acquire.


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