For Profit vs Not For Profit Hospital Charitable Contribution Effects

For Profit vs Not For Profit Hospital Charitable Contribution Effects Health Care Law & Policy Final Paper Guidelines The final paper should be between 10 and 25 double spaced pages. Choose a topic that interested you during the course. I am particularly interested in your demonstrating some understanding of a ˜financial’ aspect but you do not need to get overly technical. I am also interested in the ˜intersection’ between health care ˜business/finance’ and health care ˜law/regulations’ to the extent that your paper can deal with subject matter that involves some version of this ˜intersection’. Clarity of organization, initiative in research, substantive content and clean (error-free) writing are important to me. Please keep in mind that this is supposed to be an academic paper with a reasonably dispassionate tone. This is not an editorial or an opinion piece, nor is it a forum to present personal experiences and/or war stories of yourself or friends/relatives. In terms of footnotes, please use the ˜footnotes’ capability within Word so that footnotes appear at the bottom of the respective page where the reference occurs. This might be different from other papers that you write for Loyola wherein references are placed at the end as end notes. Having said this, in addition to footnotes, if you wish to list books, studies, etc. that you used as ˜general references’ at the very end of the paper, that is ok but this does not excuse the writer from making footnotes for every relevant citation or reference within the text itself. Citations/footnotes should be as specific as possible, inclusive of author, publication name, date, page numbers, etc. A footnote that reads œfrom is not acceptable¦footnotes need to be highly specific. For legal footnotes/citations of legal cases, decisions, etc., I believe that Loyola has given students guidance on this. An additional resource on legal citations can be found on the internet at: but be aware that Loyola’s guidance overrules all other guidance relating to legal citations. In terms of the structure of the paper, I would like for you to have a title at the very top of the first page and, below that, your nameand also your BEST email address¦meaning whatever email address you check most frequently. Just below your name please write a short ˜abstract’ which is a short paragraph on what the paper is about ¦ what subject it covers. In the body of the paper itself, the use of ˜subheads’ to denote changes of subject or ˜sections’ of the paper is highly encouraged. You want to make it easy for the reader to follow what you are presenting and talking about, in some kind of logical ˜flow.’ Please understand that a very sore subject with me is stupid writing mistakes. I do not like to see spelling mistakes and copy errors


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