Healing for a broken world: Christian perspectives on public policy


Healing for a broken world: Christian perspectives on public policy

Forum Assignment for the Week: 3-5 sentences at most for each post/answer!
Textbooks: Kraft, M. E., & Furlong, S. R. (2018). Public policy: Politics, analysis, and alternatives (6th ed.). Washington, DC: Sage Publications. ISBN: 9781506358154.

Monsma, S. (2008). Healing for a broken world: Christian perspectives on public policy. Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books. ISBN: 9781581349610.

For this week’s Forum, respond to all of the following:

This module/week focuses on questions of education policy. The focus will shift from public schools to vouchers for private schools to the alternative of homeschooling. The same question that can be asked about the government’s role in the category of social justice can be asked about the government’s role in education.

Sources & citations required (APA) Don’t forget to use the Biblical Principles of Government article.

General Instructions Applicable to All Forums:

· Biblical: One separate post (3-5 sentences) discussing Biblical principles such as natural law, inalienable rights, sphere sovereignty/covenant, the Sin/Crime distinction and the institutional separation of Church and State Teacher Remarks: Good discussion but needed more application of the Biblical principles of natural law, inalienable rights, sphere sovereignty, sin vs. crime, etc., as they relate to the topic.

· Constitutional: one separate post (3-5 sentences) referencing the enumerated powers, Articles and Amendments from the Constitution which are relevant to the assigned policy area. Teacher Remarks: needed to dig into the specific Constitutional power of the federal government to get involved in the topic of the week.

· There must be two separate posts. Both posts must focus on the general policy area for the assigned Module/Week. For instance, when the course module focuses on criminal justice, the Biblical post must focus on what the Bible says about what government may or may not do in fighting crime. Likewise, the Constitutional post must focus on what the Constitution says about what government may or may not do in fighting crime. Specific examples should be used and cited.

The purpose of this week’s discussion board is for you to begin thinking about the policy that you want to discuss in the policy brief.

You must use the following sources:

  1. the Bible,
  2. “Biblical Principles of Government” article,
  3. the required reading from the assigned module/week, and
  4. any additional relevant sources that you would like to use.
    enlightened To receive 100% as a grade (the exemplary level) for the weekly forums, you should ensure that your responses meet the following criterion:

Critical Analysis – Discussion postings display an excellent understanding of the required readings and underlying concepts including correct use of terminology. Postings are made in time for others to read and respond as well as deliver information that is full of thought, insight, and analysis. The information presented makes connection to previous or current content or to real-life situations, and must contain rich and fully developed new ideas, connections, or applications. (It is important that you integrate the weekly readings in your response. One way to do that is to make position statements, then discuss supporting evidence (i.e. research and/or personal experience).

Professional Communication and Etiquette – Written interactions in the Forum show respect and sensitivity to peers’ background and beliefs (Regardless of the position you are taking, please ensure that your participation comments are respectful to your peers’ background and beliefs).

Writing Skills – Written responses are free of grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. The style of writing facilitates communication. (Make sure your work is free of errors. If there are any errors as outlined above, you will not receive 100% for the forum).


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