Healthcare in Saudi Arabia: Past, Present and Future

Healthcare in Saudi Arabia: Past, Present and Future


The healthcare program in Saudi Arabia is categorized as a purely national system

offered to its citizens and foreign through a number of governmental agencies.

Thesis: in order for the kingdom to provide quality healthcare for its people, the Kingdom

must develop an appropriate infrastructure to better deliver healthcare services.

Or: Saudi Arabia provides insurance for all people, in order to have quality healthcare

system. The kingdom must provide infrastructure that has equipped to support healthcare



1- Hypothesis

If the ministry of health sets more realistic plans and long-term strategies, it will make the

country a point of attraction for outside resources in healthcare.

2- Hypothesis

If the MOH maintains a balance between providing free insurance and investing more health

traineeships to meet increasing demand, the patients will not have to wait for 6 to 12 months for

a doctor’s appointment.

• Case Study

• The past

The healthcare in Saudi Arabia have passed through many phases. This journey has begun

since the founder of Saudi Arabia, where he sought to focus on public health and increase the

numbers of hospitals and health services provided in that period in addition to serving

pilgrims healthily.

• Current Situation

1- Public and private healthcare system:

The Ministry of Health (MOH) is responsible for supervising health care services and

hospitals in the public and private sectors.

2- Medical Cities Program:

Saudi Arabia is spending billions of dollars to expand its health facilities, improve medical

cities, and provide international standards. The establishments of medical cities are related to the

orientation of the future vision towards giving the private sector more responsibility and moving

towards the privatization of the health sector.

3- Overseas treatment and treatment in Saudi Arabia:

The Ministry of Health (MOH) grants treatment both inside and outside the kingdom

depending on the patient’s condition and medical decision.

• Future Challenge

The crown prince Mohammed bin Salman has established health development plans

under the umbrella of Vision 2030. One of the main targets of the plan is to guarantee a free

healthcare for all citizens along with improving the quality for the services as whole through

privatizing all hospitals or transferring the ownership to a non-profit sector.


Healthcare system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is divided into two main sectors:

public and private. It is based on sponsoring universal healthcare for all citizens through

providing high quality medical that boosts the inside economy of the country.


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