MGMT 341, Information Systems and Business Analytics, Fall 2014 Carolina Ingredients – Business Case Analysis

The purpose of this assignment is to provide students the opportunity to use knowledge from MGMT 341, prior business courses and critical thinking skills to perform an analysis of a recent business problem or incident involving Management Information Systems. This assignment is a graded assignment for MGMT 341 and will also be used to gather data for the College assessment system. This work may not duplicate work that has been done for any other Winthrop University course.

Assignments will not be accepted late. As you work on this project, it is recommended you submit a draft to Blackboard on occasion as a backup of your work. In the event something happens to your work or you do not finish, you will at least receive credit for the portion submitted.

It is expected the document be written in a professional manner using proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. The analysis must include at least the “bare essentials” listed below. Additionally, an analysis which identifies and/or explains concepts learned in this course will often earn the highest grades on this assignment.

Content (80% of grade); The analysis should address the following questions and more.

  1. How does Carolina Ingredients address the issue of social responsibility? How would you rate their performance? Do you have suggestions for improvement in the area of social responsibility? 2. What security upgrades were made by Carolina Ingredients? What privacy concerns might employees have about these security upgrades? How might Carolina Ingredients manage the concerns employees have about the security upgrades?
  2. With respect to the knowledge management of the employees at Carolina Ingredients, what is the company doing to capture some of the knowledge of its employees? How can this process be improved? Specifically address tacit versus explicit knowledge.
4. In which stage of the systems development life cycle is the software for the hand-held scanning devices?
  3. What are some of the drawbacks to implementing a software application that has just been released? How can some of the drawbacks be minimized?
6. Which of the four alternatives should the leadership team decide to pursue and why? (Your answer to “Why” should be thorough.)

Communication Skills (15% of grade)
• Ideas were presented clearly and concisely.
• Any graphs, tables or images are correct, free of mistakes, and add value to the paper.

Citations (5%)

Use proper citation of sources in accordance with MLA format. In addition to the textbook, at least two reputable sources should be used and cited. If citing a web site, cite the specific page and not just the home page of the web site.


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