Identify whether the group is counseling, psychotherapy, or brief. Do not propose a psychoeducational group, as it does not meet the requirements for the course project.

2-3 page assignment

• Imagine you are working in a community agency and would like to offer a group. A survey of clients reveals that there is a community need to address one of the following topics:

o Divorce and parental conflict.

o Traumatic loss and bereavement.

o Management of anger and impulse issues.

o At risk behaviors for youth

o Compulsive disorders.


o Intimate partner violence.

o Successful aging group.

o Caregiving for vulnerable populations.

o Substance use and gambling recovery.

As a first step to propose the group to your supervisor, you will identify research that supports the use, need, or appropriateness of group counseling for this topic for children, adolescents, adults or older adults.

Include the following:

o Title: Select a succinct title that communicates the group topic (issue or problem) and population.

o Type of group: Identify whether the group is counseling, psychotherapy, or brief. Do not propose a psychoeducational group, as it does not meet the requirements for the course project.

o Research support: Incorporate current peer reviewed articles (no more than five years old) supporting the use, need, or appropriateness of group counseling for the selected population. Make sure that there is sufficient scholarly research before submitting your project topic.

Submission Requirements

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

o Written communication: Written communication must be grammatically correct and free of errors that detract from the overall message. Writing should be consistent with graduate level scholarship.

o APA formatting: Title page, main body, and references should be formatted according to current edition APA style and formatting.

o Number of resources: Minimum of four scholarly resources. Distinguished submissions typically exceed this minimum.

o Length of paper: 2–3 typed, double-spaced pages. Abstract and Table of Content pages are not necessary.

o Font: Times New Roman, 12 point.

You are required to submit your final version of this paper to Turnitin to generate a final report prior to submitting the assignment for grading. From the Turnitin tool, first submit to the draft link to check your work for any necessary edits. Once the paper is finalized and all edits have been made, submit your final paper to the Final report option for the assignment. Please be advised it can take up to a day to obtain the percentage from Turnitin. When your paper is downloaded and viewable in Turnitin, save the originality report. Refer to the Tutorial: Viewing Originality Reports (linked in the assignment resources) for guidance.

19. Submit your assignment using the following file naming format: Your Name_AssignmentNumber_Assignment Title (example: Ima_Learner_u03a1_ClientDescription).

20. In the comment section, provide the percentage from the final Turnitin report (example: Final Turnitin percentage = 4%). Please be prepared to provide your faculty member with a copy of the Turnitin report should this be requested of you.


o Proposed Topic and Population Scoring Guide.

o Turnitin.

o u02a1 Paper Template [DOC].

o How Do I Find Peer Reviewed Articles?.

I selected compulsive behavior in adolescents


[Unit and Assignment Title]

[Learner Name]



[Professor Name]

Unit and Assignment Title

Start writing your introduction here (1-2 paragraphs). An effective introduction prepares the reader by identifying the purpose of the paper and providing the organization of the paper. Please double-space and remember to indent all paragraphs throughout your paper (not block form!). Aim to keep your writing objective using 3rd person (see handout in the Discussion board). Unless required for the specific assignment, please do not include a Table of Contents, as it is not APA style. Review paper guidelines on page requirements and number of sources required (if provided.) Unless citing a classic work, aim to cite research articles and texts published within the past 5 years. Please use headings throughout your paper that are consistent with the paper’s scoring guide (that way you ensure you are adequately addressing all required areas.)

When you finish writing your paper, re-read it to check for errors and make sure your ideas flow well. A helpful tip is to read your paper aloud to yourself. If it does not sound right to your ear – it is not working on paper! Please submit your papers to Turnitin (link in the course homepage) to check for plagiarism. Also, remember as a Capella learner you have FREE access through iGuide to personal tutoring services with

Presenting Issue

In this section, identify the topic you selected from the list of topics in the assignment instructions and briefly describe how it impacts a specific population. The population should be defined by age and may also include gender or other specific demographic descriptors such as ethnicity or sexual identity. The Distinguished criterion is, “Describes the presenting issue and population of a specific group, and provides a rationale for the selections”. The rationale is an objective (third person) explanation of why groups in general are important to addressing the topic for the population. This section should be a solid paragraph or two with support from the literature as needed.

[insert type of group] for [your topic]

In this section, identify the specific type of group (counseling, psychotherapy, or brief) that will fit the rationale described in the previous section. You may need to review and cite your text to clarify the differences. Omit research that is more specific to the target population and did not address group counseling specifically. The Distinguished criterion is, “Evaluates the range and appropriateness of clinical processes associated with a specific therapy group, and supports evaluation with current peer-reviewed research”. This section should be a solid paragraph or two with support from the literature.

Literature that Supports Group for [insert your topic]

Focus this section around the key ideas that support why group is an appropriate treatment modality for your topic. Be certain the articles that support your analysis are specific to group. The Distinguished criterion is, “Analyzes main concepts of current research and literature that supports the use of group therapy for a specific therapy group”. This section should be two or three paragraphs with support from more than one peer reviewed article located in the Capella Library. Use the resource “How do I Find Peer Reviewed Articles” included with the assignment instructions.


Please provide a conclusion that summarizes the main ideas of your paper.


Gladding, S. T., & Newsome, D. W. (2010). Clinical mental health counseling in community and agency settings (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Merrill.

NOTE: Consult your APA manual for proper examples on citing and referencing APA style. The Capella Writing Center also has helpful tutorials.


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