Identifying Solutions: Shady Acres Health and Rehab

Read the material at the sites listed in the Week 4 Lessons folder to help guide you assess the risks and rewards related to the solution(s) to the management problem you are exploring. Complete a 2-4 page paper discussing the risks and rewards to your client as they relate to the management problem are exploring during this course.


The problem with Shady Acres Health and Rehabilitation is that the facility as a whole lacks intellectual curiosity and systematic thinking.

To begin the turnover rate for the facility is very high. Employees come and go and not to mention the shifts are short all the time.  problem with this facility has mainly evolved around the communication between the higher level and lower level of employees.





Identifying Solutions: Shady Acres Health and Rehab


The strategy that I decided to use to solve the problems of Shady Acres Health & Rehabilitation is The EFQM Model for business excellence. I chose this model because it find the description of a facility that is not directly hands on with funds but at the same time wants what is best for the financial situation of the facility. The nine sections of this model includes: Leadership, Policy and Strategy, People Management, Resources, Processes, Customer Satisfaction, People Satisfaction, Impact on society, and Business results (Clark, 2010).  Before we start it is important to understand the needs of the nursing home. We are there to provide optimal customer satisfaction for residents and their families and to make the residents feel at home. We promote team work and communication at all levels.




The leadership at Shady Acres Health and Rehabilitation is not the best. They leaders have to set a good example for all of the lower level employees. They facility can improve in this area by first making realistic goals that all employees can obtain. They cannot make judgments off of what they think that they may see. In fact they should observe more with the relationships and work methods between the employees, the resident’s family, and the resident. The only way that this can happen is if they walk around and interact as well. The leaders of Shady Acres should communicate more between all level employees to ensure understanding and establishment of a business relationship with the employees and the residents. Last but not least they should have the vision and goals of the facility as their main interest.


Policy and Strategy


At Shady Acres it is crucial for the whole facility to know the exact goals for the company and the way to accomplish the goals that have been set. We must understand that our residents are important. Without the resident, there wouldn’t be a business. In order to effectively satisfy our residents we have to understand them and know how to interact with them on all levels as we are working in their home. We have to know how to make them happy and how to make them feel safe and established in our facility.


People Management


            In my opinion I think that people management is by far the most important in the nursing home setting. I say this because it determines the treatment and fate of our residents. As a facility we must ensure that we train, develop, and educate employees at all levels (Clark, 2010). The employees and management should look for problems and opportunities that affect customers. These affect the organization the most. Remember that customers are both internal and external (Clark, 2010).  By ensuring that all of the all of the employees are well trained, educated, and developed, the facility is a step closer to helping the employees understand their requirements of the job. All of the employees have to be focused on the customers (which are the residents). All employees should be focused on the performance goals of our facility as that is what is keeping us running.




We have to make sure that all of our resources are stocked at all times to ensure that the residents have what they need at all times. This includes the times that can naturally occur for instance a natural disaster. If resources are always available and present this will ensure that the residents are being taken care of regardless of the situation.






We continuously deliver improvements in all processes (Clark, 2010). Even if the improvement is a small one we strive to make it the best. In order to effectively deliver excellence we have to communicate amongst one another to understand the needs and gaps of the facility. At this stage it should be progress coming in from every level as the facility should now be updated and have the intentions to reach the goals as a team and not just for self-acknowledgement.


Customer Satisfaction


At Shady Acres we have to make sure that we know and focus on our customers. It is our mission to know and improve the future needs of our customers at all costs. The employees have to have a relationship with all of the residents regardless of the situation. Here at Shady Acres the products that we provide should meet and exceed the expectations of the residents and their families at all times. Our main focuses should be to improve Customer satisfaction Product or service quality. Management should make sure that everyone is properly trained so that they can make sure everyone knows what they are responsible and the time that they have to complete the task. There should never be a down time on that. Last but not least we have to keep all of our information systems up that helps us to stay up to date with the residents in case there is a change etc. We should raise customer satisfaction by ensuring that they are well taken care of in a timely and orderly manner. Residents should not have to deal with chain reaction attitudes. They also should not suffer because someone simply doesn’t want to do their job.


People Satisfaction


Our vision is owned throughout the entire organization. We unlock the potential of our people…and our actions, policies, and culture prove it! (Clark, 2010). We should always be in good standing with the people that are interacting with us. We should have an environment that involves ethics at the highest levels of our organization.


Impact on Society


We are committed to a role of environmental leadership in all facets of our organization. Shady Acres Health and Rehabilitation has a major impact on the society around us. As we are serving their loved ones and they want what is best for them at all times. This is where we have to strive to succeed because we depend on the community and their perspective of us. The society determines the outcome of our facility at all costs. The community wants what is best for us and their support should be what encourages us to go in the right direction.


Business Results


We should continuously meet or exceed our goals and objectives by doing what is required and expected of us at all times. By ensuring that business results are good we are ensuring a future for our business. In order to accomplish this all of the above steps have to be followed effectively.


By incorporating these EFQM Model for Business Excellence, I believe that Shady Acres Health and Rehabilitation will exceed drastically. The nine sections give a precise idea about exactly what needs to happen in order to get this facility back functioning correctly. As these solutions are cost efficient and will only help the facility there are no real risks at hand only room for improvements within the organization. When the people side of change is ignored or poorly managed, the project and the organization take on additional costs and risks (Prosci, 2014).



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