list of cost that were incurred in the production and sale of lawn mowers

PR 18-1A The following is a list of cost that were incurred in the production and sale of lawn mowers:
a. Attorneys fee for drafting a new lease for headquarters offices.
b. Commissions paid to sales representatives, based on the number of lawn mowers sold.
c. Property taxes on the factory building and equipment.
d. Hourly wages of operators of robotic machinery used in production.
e. Salary of vice president of marketing.
f. Gasoline engines used for lawn mowers.
g. Factory cafeteria cashier’s wages.
h. Electricity used to run the robotic machinery.
i. Maintenance costs for new robotic factory equipment, based on hours of usage.
j. License fees for use of patient for lawn mower blade, based on the number of lawn mowers produced.
k. Salary of factory supervisor.
l. Steel used in producing the lawn mowers.
m. Telephone charges for company controller’s office.
n. Paint used to coat the lawn mowers.
o. Straight-line depreciation on the robotic machinery used to manufacture the lawn mowers.
p. Tires for lawn mowers.
q. Engine oil used in mower engines prior to shipment.
r. Cash paid to outside firm for janitorial services for factory.
s. Cost of advertising in a national magazine.
t. Salary of quality control supervisor who inspects each lawn mower before it is shipped.
u. Plastic for outside housing for lawn mowers.
v. Steering wheels for lawn mowers.
w. Filter for spray gun used to paint used to paint the lawn mowers.
x. Cost of boxes used in packaging lawn mowers.
y. Premiums on insurance policy for factory buildings.
z. Payroll taxes on hourly assembly line employees.
each cost as either a product cost or a period cost. Indicate whether
each product cost is a direct material cost, a direct labor cost, or a
factory overhead cost. Indicate whether each period cost is a selling
expense or an administrative expense. Use the following tabular headings
for your answer, placing an “X” in the appropriate column.

Product Costs Period Direct
Direct Direct Factory Material Labor Overhead
Selling Administrative Cost Cost Cost
Cost Expense Expense


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