Looking for a Marine Corps Law JAG/UCMJ writer to write a 2 page endorsement.

Looking for a Marine Corps Law JAG/UCMJ writer to write a 2 page endorsement. USMC Experience preferred and should be proven in some matter.

Utilizing “Intelligent” words as appropriate is a plus.


The purpose of this letter is to explain to the commanding officer that due to exemplary good behavior for the past 3.5 months and great career performance throughout 9 years, that the punishment of Rank reduction to Corporal should be Mitigated to a lesser punishment. The end state is to get Sergeant back and to either get 45 days restriction, 4 months half pay, or extra duties.

Any additional information will be provided.

Ref:   (a) Manual for Courts-Martial (MCM), Part V, paragraph 6

(b) Manual of the Judge Advocate General (JAGMAN), Section



  1. Per the references, I, name, respectfully like to apply for mitigation.


  1. Throughout this period of time, I have come to analyze my current family finances and have concluded that a financial hardship exists. Taking care of my family is extremely important and rank reduction has impacted me strongly. I am married with children and have been having financial difficulties.  I have taken a Financial Management course to help better handle my finances.  Per enclosure (1), the attached financial worksheet shows my families’ current financial status.


  1. Throughout my career and till this day, Marines continue to look up to me on my exemplary leadership traits. The Sergeant approach learned in Staff Noncommissioned Officer Academies has not changed and many Sergeants and Corporals ask me for guidance on leadership and leading Marines.  Nonetheless, my reputation has been defamed in nature but actively continue to show the example for others to emulate.


  1. I am a self-starter who excel regardless of assigned billet and consistently seek to improve my environment. In fact, because of my success and expertise in the occupational field, I was transferred to another unit to function as the Chief and have enhanced the unit’s readiness percentage from 56% to 88%.  Per the billet assigned, I enthusiastically performed the duties of a Marine Sergeant to complete the accomplishments listed in enclosure (2).  In addition, I have been giving 100% till this day and will continue to do so as a Marine.  Looking at my Record of Service, it demonstrates the type of Marine I am.  I have effectively held many critical billets while ensuring the well-being of the Marines under my charge.  Before this offense which has adversely impacted my career, my profile was impeccable and flawless with no derogatory material.  Consequently, as a top performer, was recognized with (2) Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals with one being awarded in Afghanistan in 2013 for my efforts.  I am physically, medically and mentally ready for deployment and intend to execute any movements as deemed necessary.  Additionally, I have been awarded (3) Good Conduct Medals for exemplary good conduct throughout the years in the Marine Corps.  Furthermore, my career profile shows that I have successfully completed (26) Service Schools/Special Skills that have enhanced my ability to lead and to get the job done as a Marine.  My success driven attitude and knowledge extends past my peers due to the completion of Professional Military Education courses that surpasses my present rank.  As a professional, always go above and beyond and have served the community by volunteering more than (71) hours.  My subordinates, peers, and superiors will agree that I make a positive contribution to this unit and the Marine Corps as a whole.  In addition, the fidelity, zeal and obedience to all orders and policies outweigh the negative documentation received.  My steadfast dedication to improving troop welfare and moral is proof of my selfless/gung-ho character.


  1. Consequently, I am sorry for my actions and conduct that lead to this circumstance. I have learned from my mistake and have proven that I am one of the best Noncommissioned Officers the Marine Corps has to offer.  Due to the exceptional efforts and exemplary good behavior during this observation period, respectfully request to mitigate the reduction in grade to a lesser punishment.  I will continue being the best Marine I can be going forward.  Please kindly consider this request.  Thank you for your kindness and consideration.

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