Marketing Mix 4P’s

Marketing Mix

— Define Marketing mix (product,price,place,promotion). Include in-text citation here

— State that the Marketing mix comprises of the 4P’s. 

— Explain that each of the 4P’s is to be discussed in the following section



— Define Product. Include in-text citation here.

— Explain the importance of making effective product decisions for an organisation. (At lease 2 here)

— For the product/company explain :

>> How the THREE elements/levels of the product are used to suit the needs & wants of the target segment.

>> Explain waht type of product your organisation is selling. How does this impact on the marketing process?

>> This section must CLEARLY  express how your organisation’s product attributes, branding, packaging, labelling and product support services match the needs & wants of the target segment. 



— Define Place. Include in-text citation here.

— Explain the importance of place decisions for organisation. (At least 2 here). 

— Explain the type of distribution used for your organisation. Direct or indirect and be sure to include a diagram here. 

— Explain the diagram. 

— Explain the advantages/disadvantages of using the direct/indirect distribution. 

— Explain the type of distribution strategy used in your organisation. ( Intensive/exclusive/selective ). 



— Provide a definition of Price. Include in-text citation here.

— Explain that Price is the P that impacts on revenue. Further elaborate on the importance of effective Pricing strategies. (At least 2 here).

— Explain which of the 5 pricing strategies is used by your organisation. Justify it. 

— Explain ( at least 2 ) internal & external considerations that impact on your organisation’s price decision. ( Overall Marketing Strategy, objectives, and Mix. Organisation Considerations. The Economy. The Government. Social Concerns. The Market and Demand. ) 



— Provide a definition of Promotion. Include in-text citation here.

— Discuss if your organisation uses push/pull strategies. Justify it. 

— Discuss the importance of effective promotional strategies. (At least 2 here).

— Discuss which of the 5 promotional tools are used by the organisation. Justify it. 


Word needed: 600-700 words

Provide at least 6 APA references list. 


I will choose the Company/Organisation.





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