Persuasive Essays

Persuasive writing is an art. It is a creative edge of a writer to convince readers about a specific idea. In persuasive essays, a writer works on an ideology and gives strong points to show that he stands right. However, writing a persuasive essay is not a cakewalk! A writer has to neutralize his article with strong argumentative points to justify his claim over an issue. For this, one needs to have thorough knowledge and understanding about how to draft, format and write a persuasive essay.

Some of the key elements that you need, to spice up a persuasive or argumentative essay are:

  • Establish proven facts to strengthen up your argument
  • Clarify relevant points to make your audience understand
  • Prioritize, sequence and formulate the structure of your essay from more important to less important or vice versa
  • Avoid repetition of your points and be precise
  • State your conclusion and drag down your readers humbly to your point with confidence
  • Sum up nicely but firmly

The above-listed key elements are easy to acknowledge but it is very hard to bring them together while writing. An expert writer understands ‘what’ or ‘when’ to begin or end an argument. Not all can deal with persuasive essay format. Generally, topics for persuasive essays are sensitive to deal with. Say for instance, writing a persuasive essay on abortion is not an easy task. You need to have deep-seated knowledge over its ethical, political and social repercussions over this issue to begin and end up with strong points.

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