Principles in Sustainable Agriculture

Principles in Sustainable Agriculture

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Principles in Sustainable Agriculture

Part 1

Using the assigned reading materials, complete the table below by defining each term and explaining how each component supports sustainable agriculture.

You may conduct additional research on agricultural plant-based products from your state, including grains, fiber, fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Access your state’s Department of Agriculture website, to identify crop species, native species, environmental issues, and sustainability practices.

Components of Sustainable Agricultural Design Definition Role in Supporting Sustainable Agriculture
Agroecology Agroecology is a whole-systems, approach to agriculture based on ecological population and community principles, traditional knowledge of plants and animal, and local food system experiences. Agroecology supports sustainable agriculture because it addresses agricultural challenges while maintaining a healthy, functional ecosystem. It does so by relying on natural community regulation and built-in evolutionary checks and balances.
Ecosystem Drivers
Plant Community Structure
Organism Niche
Community Evolution
Plant Growth Types
Complementary Species
Species Redundancy
Mosaic Habitat
Plant, Animal, and Insect Diversity
Plant Genetic Diversity
Plant Resource Efficiency
Productivity and Economics
Diversifying Crop Species
Beneficial insects
Natural, Biological Pest Control
Farm System Resilience

Part 2

Write a 200- to 350- word response that addresses the following:

· Select two components of sustainable agricultural from the table in Part 1. Explain how to apply them to a crop (grain, fiber, or horticultural crop) or an environmental-related agricultural issue in your state.

· Explain how each of the selected components can be applied to agricultural practices in your state to improve agricultural sustainability. Explain how the components work together to support sustainability.

· Describe how native plants, animals, and insects in your state promote agricultural sustainability. Include specific details and examples in your answer.

· Explain whether the application of ecological principles to agricultural systems promotes sustainability. Use evidence from your state or the assigned reading to support your answer.


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