Recommend a new Safety and Security HR policy to achieve cost reduction to the company.2 points – 1 0 0 w o r d s each***************************************************************************************************Safety and SecurityWith Trudeau’s promotion to HR director, management of safety and security fellto his assistant, Jose Vasquez. Vasquez is a recent college graduate with a degree inergonomics. He came to PAC as an intern during his senior year of college. Trudeauwas impressed with Vasquez’s attitude and enthusiasm and hired him right aftergraduation. Vasquez worked with Trudeau on wellness activities and conductedsafety training, but his real forté is his ongoing ergonomics audit. PAC has had highinstances of workers’ compensation claims, particularly carpal tunnel syndromeclaims, and Vasquez expects that his emphasis on ergonomics will help alleviatethe problem. His goal is to check every workstation in the organization and eitherapprove or recommend ergonomic changes. He has developed an elaborate databaseto track the project.Besides ergonomics, PAC has an active wellness program. In partnership with a localhospital, PAC conducts an annual on-site health fair providing employees with freeimmunizations and voluntary health-risk assessments. Since maintaining a healthyweight and not smoking are especially important, PAC reimburses employees for50 percent of the cost of weight loss and smoking cessation programs. PAC alsomaintains an employee assistance program.Schilling asked Vasquez to take on a greater role in risk management. Schilling isconcerned about the increasing rate of workers’ compensation claims and askedVasquez to conduct a job-hazards analysis and report the results to him, identifyingwhich jobs, departments and people are most likely to incur a workers’ compensationclaim. From that information, it is expected that Vasquez will work with the financedepartment to develop a cost-saving risk allocation plan.Unfortunately, the ergonomics audit is so involved that Vasquez is seldom availablefor anything else. He is either out in production checking workstations or mired inspreadsheet tracking. He created an extensive spreadsheet to track the results of thehazard analysis that Schilling asked for, but so far, little else has been done and thecompleted analysis was due on Shilling’s desk last Friday.With his short tenure at PAC and his focus on ergonomics, Vasquez seems illpreparedto manage the entire safety department. Trudeau knew this whenhe promoted Vasquez, but with the hiring freeze, he couldn’t go outside theorganization, and there was no one else with the safety background needed for theposition. Trudeau felt sure that if he worked closely with Vasquez, he could keepsafety and security on the right track.

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