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Prepare term paper on: – “Business Research Requests and Proposals” (page 644).
Please focus on the process of RFP not on specific RFP
In order to cover all necessary components paper needs to be minimum of 15-20 pages not including title page and references.

Document Preview:

Research Problem
A business that belong to the travel and tourism industry should understand that it is important to understand its consumer’s needs, preferences and behaviors so that it will be able to provide suitable components and benefits to satisfy the customer demand. The understanding of travelers’ reasons to travel, their needs/wants, behavior and preferences will enable the appropriate organizations (i.e travel organizations) and destinations to provide the important and relevant facilities that suit this particular market and ensure its company’s competitiveness.
This study seeks to understand whether airlines could maintain its competitiveness and change customers’ negative image of them by paying attention and tapping into the VFR market. In the past there have been studies in the field of travel and tourism which examined the relationship between a consumer’s personality, values, and travel behavior but Moscardo, et al. (2000) stated that in the travel industry very little study is done on Visiting Friends and Relatives (VFR) markets. In relation to Visiting Friends and Relative (VFR) travel behavior, some past studies have examined the variety seeking behavior, relationship between a consumer’s personality types, values, and travel behavior. However, there has been no study which has looked at the factors influencing Visiting Friends and Relatives’ (VFR) variety-seeking behavior, and the decision making process of the VFR traveller. This study would center on this. This study would like to find out whether airlines could implement its low-cost strategy if it would focus on widening its market to the VFR market and from this market, try to change how consumers view the company.
The main purpose of the study is to expand our understanding of what factors influence travel behavior when travelers make VFR traveling decisions. from their variety-seeking behavior, activities and spending during this period. Hu, Morrison, O’Leary (2002) supported that…



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