Role and Influence of Women in the Movement

  1. Introduction and Statement of Purpose
    • The purpose of this research paper is to discuss the role and influence of women in the Movement. The major research questions that will be discussed is how the movement started and how it ended and what caused it? This paper will also address the different obstacles and events that the women had to face before seeing some results. This paper is significant because women had to gain and fight for their respect and rights. If it was not for these women fighting, we will not be able to do some of the things we are able to do today, such as voting.
  2. Methodology
    • In order to carry out this research I will first gather a lot of information. My main source of information will come from peer review journals or article and the internet. The information collected will explain the different movements in details. Then I will group the different facts in their appropriate category. Once I got all of my information, I will make an outline, and then complete my paper. I will first discuss the meaning of the movement, how it started, how long it lasted, and then the outcome.
  • Literature Review

This research paper will discuss the role and influence of women in the movement. The movement had several names, such as the Feminist Movement or Women’s Liberation. The movement was not focused on just one issue, but many issues. Issues included women trying to hold equal positions in their household. The literature used will explain the different issues and how women acted in order to make things better. One of the major issues were women were not getting paid equally as men. “In 1965, the median income of year-round, full-time workers was: white men, $6,704; nonwhite men, $4,277 white women, $3,991; nonwhite women, $2,816.” (Freeman, 1968). Women were getting paid less because men were considerate to be more in control than women.

As the issue of equality among women and men become more obvious, women decide to fight through Feminist Movements in order to get their voices heard and to make a difference. (Freeman, 1986) The Feminist Movement was like a boycott that allowed the women to stand up for what they felt was right. Women knew that if they kept letting things continue as they were and not say anything, there would be no change over time.

Voting was another issue faced by women. Women felt that they had just as much right to vote as the men. The suffrage movement played a part in making voting rights for women to happen. Although this movement was giving rights to women, it was influenced by women, but not made up of all women. (Freeman, 1995)

What is feminism? It is basically women trying to fight for their rights of equality toward men.  We would want to think that a feminist is only women, but it really isn’t. I can be either man or women that claims to be part of feminism or writes about it. (Baumgardner and Richards)


Strengths cited

“In 1965, the median income of year-round, full-time workers was: white men, $6,704; nonwhite men, $4,277 white women, $3,991; nonwhite women, $2,816.” (Freeman, 1968)



  1. Introduction
  2. What were the women movements
    1. Feminist Movement
      1. Definition
    2. Women’s Liberation
      1. Definition
    3. Suffrage Movement
      1. Definition
  • Cause of Movements
    1. Examples
  1. The Influences of Women
    1. Explanation
  2. Impact that Women Caused
    1. Examples
    2. Explanation
  3. Conclusion



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