Spirituality & Aging SOCW620This is a Self Awareness journal.

Course: Spirituality & Aging SOCW620This is a Self Awareness journal.

The journal is supposed to be a reporting of an incident that either you have observed involving others or something from your own life (friends, family, neighbors, etc.) that was a meaningful event. It can also be from a memory. The purpose of the assignment is explained and is meant to raise consciousness of the mind-body-spirit connection (e.g. when someone has something that happens that is happy, how does their body feel, and how do they illustrate an expression of spirit/emotional quality?). The Journals should be double-spaced, size 12 type, using Microsoft Word. Your journal submission should be no longer than 3 pagesGuide line to the journal can be seen below.1_________Summarize what happened, including quoted statements that were made by the people involved(quoted material).2. ________Describe the individual psycho-emotional behaviors that occurred.________verbal (language usage, tone of voice, etc.)________non-verbal(e.g. facial expressions, body movement, pace of conversation, emotional quality: sad, happy, etc.)3. _________Physiological factors of stress observed that were impacting the participants (e.g. illness, disability, and possible consequences of physiological aging).4.__________ Describe your impressions of each participant’s underlying intention (e.g. sometimes evidenced through tone of voice), self-esteem, coping strengths, coping mechanisms, emotional stress, specific areas of conflict.5.__________Desscribe and discuss any noticeable issues regarding socioeconomic factors, differences in social class, age factors, gender factors, racial/ethnic factors, community factors that may have played a part in the incident.6.__________ Describe and discuss signs of possible spiritual/cultural factors that played a part in the event.a. __________Demonstrated values (e.g., view of right and wrong)b.___________ Demonstrated beliefs (e.g. sources of meaningfulness, faith, motivational factors of empowerment)c.__________ Expectations of self and others (e.g. significant persons, family, friends, and social experiences regarding life roles in the community7. _________Your evaluation and conclusions of your observations of the incident:a._________ What if anything, did you learn from your experience of this incident?b.________ In what ways might you apply what you have learned?__________to your personal life?__________to your professional life?__________to your own attitudes regarding health and empowerment?


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