Strategic Analysis of CVS Health

Strategic Analysis

 Learning goal: To develop your ability to analyze and plan for a social system in a way that integrates key concepts from the course. You will write a strategic analysis of/plan for CVS Health. Your “client” is their top-management team; you are their strategy consultant.


Your paper should be a full five pages, double-spaced, not including any appendixes or exhibits. At least 3/5 of the paper should be devoted to planning.  The paper should include a set of references, with citations to each of these in the text. [In other words, I do not want a list of unconnected bibliographic entries at the end of your paper. You may use footnotes, endnotes, or name/date/page references in the text (e.g., Porter, 1980: 220).]


Please follow the outline below, using its headings and subheads.


1.  Analysis (of the present)

       a. Organization’s value chain & design—if relevant

       b. Institutional, corporate, & business (competitive) strategies 

       [In Making Strategy Work (Wiley, 1986), Richard Hamermesh distinguishes three levels         of strategy: institutional, corporate, and business.  Institutional strategy describes the          basic character and vision of the system.  Corporate strategy has to do with deciding               what businesses to compete in and how to allocate resources among them.  Business         strategy refers to the competitive strategy of a business unit—that is, how it will               compete.]     

       c. Competitive context (5-force analysis, technology & product life cycles—if                relevant)

       d. Financial position of organization


2.  Planning (for the future—using a time frame of your choice)

       a. Three plausible strategic directions (with positives, negatives, & uncertainties

                of each)

       b. Your recommended strategic direction (what), and rationale (why)

       c. Organizational/implementation concerns & recommendations (how)



Your paper will be graded on the basis of its insight, logic, and scope.


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