· Identify each of the strategies suggested

The four strategies explored were inboard, outboard, same-handed, and nested toilet layouts.

· Identify at least one pro and one con of each strategy suggested.

Inboard – Pro provides privacy for the patient along with providing noise reduction.

Con the bathroom blocks visibility of the patient from the hall making high fall risk patients more

difficult to monitor.

Outboard – Pro allows for high fall risk patients to be more visible from the nurses station.

Con the natural light is decreased, the patient has less privacy, there is more noise from the hall.

Same-handed – Pro all rooms are identical which allows for staff to easily locate needed supplies.

Con the cost for plumbing is higher because the bathrooms do not share a common wall so they require separate plumbing to be installed.

Nested – Pro allows for both inboard and outboard layouts within the rooms.

Con there is decreased standardization as the room layouts are different.

· Identify why each team member selected the strategy they selected.

Bottom of Form

· Using the best strategy, discuss the financial cost and budget vs. benefit of this strategy to the company. Comment by Maryanne Esonwune:


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