Taxation Law Assignment

LAW5230 Assignment Taxation Law Assignment Word Limit: Approximately 4000 words (excluding calculations) This assignment consists of four (4) case studies. You must complete all the case studies and all parts of each case study. Case Study One The following separate scenarios require your advice as indicated: Global Legal Holdings Ltd Global Legal Holdings Ltd (GLH Ltd) is a company incorporated in the United Kingdom (UK). The company is a holding company for a number of other entities that provide legal services in various countries across the globe. GLH Ltd owns 80% of the shares in Global Law Australia Ltd (GLA Ltd) which is incorporated in Australia and carries on a business providing legal services in Australia. GLH Ltd’s main activities are raising finance and investing so as to effectively manage the other companies in the group. GLH also provides centralised management and head office services to the other companies in the group for an arm’s length fee. The main income derived by the company is therefore investment type income, interest on loans to other companies and service fees. GLH’s main head office is located in London and though most of their administrative staff are also located in the London office, senior executive staff and Board Members are located at various other subsidiary company head offices in other countries. Two Board Members (from a total of 10 Board Members) and two senior executives are based in Australia but regularly travel overseas. At least two Board Meetings were held in Australia during the 2013 income year with the remaining held in London. There were 11 Board meetings held during the year. Required: Discuss with reference to legislation, case law and/or rulings (where relevant) whether GLH Ltd would be considered a resident of Australia for tax purposes for the income year ended 30 June 2013. Jim and Jacquie At the beginning of the 2013 income year, Jim and Jacquie set up an eBay account to sell personal.



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