Terrorism in the Middle East

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Many condemn the actions of the Israeli government in their tactics to defend themselves but few have anything to say about Palestinian, Hezbollah, and Hamas rocket attacks on populated areas and suicide bombings against unarmed civilians (White 2017).  The 2009 incursion of the Israeli Defense Force into Gaza was aimed at destroying weapon caches and capturing or killing terrorist group leaders seeking to kill innocent Israelis (White 2017).  Destroying the rockets and their launch sites as well as the leaders directing these attacks obviously would have a positive effect on dissuading further attacks.


The bulldozing the Israeli government mandated against the family homes of suicide bombers would help to discourage bombings (White 2017).  If a bomber chose to carry out a suicide bombing because for one reason, terrorist organizations would compensate their families; if the bomber knew ahead of time that his or her family home would be demolished that would negate any financial reward their family would receive and hopefully end the act of suicide bombing (White 2017).  White (2017) notes that the Israelis also chose to bulldoze some homes around Jerusalem and the West Bank in order to build a wall, and studies have shown that the wall has greatly reduced the number of suicide bombings in Israel (Klukowski 2015).


Another controversial Israeli policy are the assassinations the Israelis have carried out, not just in Gaza and the West Bank, but one recent notable assassination in Dubai (White, 2017).  Mahmud al Mabbuh, a Palestinian military leader, was killed in his hotel in Dubai in 2010 by operatives of Mossad (White 2017).  Similarly, the Obama administration authorized the killing of an American citizen in Yemen because he was part of a terrorist group (Ingram and Whiteside 2017).  Anwar al-Awlaki and his American daughter were killed in a operation in Yemen with only the President’s approval, albeit al-Awlaki’s daughter was killed accidentally but his son was killed in a separate drone strike two weeks later (Ingram and Whiteside 2017).  White (2017) writes that the Israeli policy has reduced terrorist attacks in Israel but the groups in the West Bank and Gaza have centralized leadership whereas other terrorist groups have a much more decentralized leadership, such as the Islamic State’s overseas operations.  It is possible that Palestinian leadership thinks twice before directing attacks if they suspect they will be assassinated for authorizing the attacks.  The action against al-Awlaki by President Obama may not have had the far reaching deterrent effect the Israeli assassinations did and there is no legal justification for issuing a kill order against an American citizen.  It is possible the President had information that an attack was imminent or the raid may have not presented any safe option to capture al-Awlaki, in that case it would have been legally justified to kill him instead of risking the lives of U.S. military members.


It does appear the Israeli tactics work, the policies are controversial but they seem somewhat restrained when it comes to the actions of their enemies.  Political motives aside, it seems the Israelis are doing what they feel is right and measured to ensure the safety of their citizenry.  “If you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword for nothing.  He is God’s servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer” (Rom. 13:4, New International Version).  (556 words)




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White, Jonathan R. Terrorism and Homeland Security. 9th ed. Belmont: Wadsworth Publishing, 2017. ISBN: 9781305633773.

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Ronald Thompson


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Terrorism in the Middle East

Terrorism generally the unlawful of violence, intimidation, and chaos especially against the public by radicalized people with an aim of gaining political advantage and power. Most of the terrorists justify their actions using their religions which has been regarded as a scapegoat by these people. Terrorism is a threat to the entire world because the terrorism activities always affect the lives of everybody that comes in the way of the terrorist. Israeli terrorism war has been an ongoing process since the 1970s. During this period, the Bayern terror attacks are believed to be the reason the Israeli developed counter terrorism measures. Since then they have developed several techniques including; intelligence gathering, commercial aviation security, blockade in Palestinia and even paramilitary action to interject terrorist’s society infrastructure.

All these measures have worked relatively well but perhaps the most controversial were; erection of a wall and selective assassinations. Since the erection of the wall, terror attacks have reduced by nearly 9%. In 2002, before the erection, there were 135 terror attacks recorded. These attacks gradually reduced overtime and by the year 2012, the country recorded only 9 attacks[2]. At first glance, most will agree with the statistics above but is it a correct assessment? It can be argued that the combination of other factors such as increased security presence at the borders helped in this reduction.

Erecting of the wall is controversial as it led to the separation of families; the above is incentive enough to motivate Palestinians to conduct terror attacks because of the frustration of not seeing family members. Carrying out of selective assassinations has been only successful in slowing down the progress of terror groups especially the assassination of leaders such as Yusuf Najjar.

The downturn to this tactic is that elimination of one leader was met by ascension of the other. The method also further galvanized terrorists and non-terrorists to the course. This is because in some of the targeted assassinations, other members of the society are at times killed. This precipitates a reactive action based on revenge further complicating the fight on terror. The two controversial tactics have very little impact on the fight as evidenced by the recent terror attack on Israeli border where more than 6 soldiers were killed with a truck. Israel should focus on more proactive techniques like intelligence gathering and increase in number of security personnel.



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Katie Neal

Internal Threats to America


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He shall speak words against the Most High, and shall wear out the saints of the Most High, and shall think to change the times and the law; and they shall be given into his hand for a time, times, and half a time[1]. The presence of radicalized individuals is not only a possibility but it is an absolute truth. Within today’s society there are countries who have not only turned a blind eye to what is happening but do not believe it and they are being attacked. In other countries that have freedoms like ours people are being killed by bombs and there is suppression of freedoms taking place to not offend others. America is not far behind in what will happen and that is due to how many citizens view Islamic people today, they are absolutely blind. To have Americans protesting for Islamic justice is absolutely ridiculous when if Sharia law was to be passed that would mean death for most and freedoms stripped for those who are not killed. To address such an issue would take many different areas working together, first our young people need to be educated, secondly media must report everything that is stated and not what they want to hear, third the American government must stop encampments from obtaining mass amounts of weapons and training there people how to make deadly weapons. They do not let Americans have a stock pile so to let Muslim encampments have freer rein seems ridiculous. America as a whole has to wise up and realize that many of these groups are lying to us and they are not only allowed to but encouraged. It is not against their religion to lie, as the video had one Islamic leader state “war is deceptive thus deception will be used[2]. These people are not looking for American freedoms when they clearly state that allah is god and that there will be a world ruled by Islam, they are working us from the inside out. Growing up there was a book by Gary Paulsen called White Fox this book is one where a minority group was not taken seriously and later took over America causing so much pain and anguish that you could cry for the character[3]. I was not old enough to make a connection between Islam and America but it makes sense. This book has stayed in my mind so vividly since the age of 9 (I was very young when 9/11 happened) that when I became aware of Islam, I knew just as the book and the video stated that America will be taken from its people internally. Islam radicals are not only populating at a higher rate than Americans but they also are teaching their children from a very young age that violence is acceptable and are willing to sacrifice their children for their cause. I personally am not willing to sacrifice my child for any cause and I hope that America wakes up and that there is an attempt to fix this before it is too late.  (word count 521)

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Shana Patterson



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In this given type of situation, I honestly had a hard time of deciding whether to agree or disagree with the readings and sightings of this situation. In this given point of time,  there has been more attacks on terrorism and to make note of it, it has been hard among people to figure out where these people are coming from. As a person who has seen a lot of terrorism attacks on television, it is sometimes hard to be able to grasp my hands around a certain situation. In the article “The Collison of Isalm and Terrorism in Central Asia“, by Aida Amanbayeva, it states the following: “Four Central Asian States ratified 12 international legal insturments against terrorism and adopted national laws to counter terrorism which are in compliance with these conventions and resolution 1373,” (Amanbayeva, 2009). This has given an overall gist that the Asian States have adopted such a thing as the terrorism of a part of their culture.

In the article of “News-Media and Terrorism: Changing Relationship, Changing Definitions.“ by Zohar Kampf, it states of the following into regards of terrorism and in the media: “This means that during the most traumatic moment of their lives, individuals are asked to offer policy advice to both the public and the government. Despite the fact that it looks as if the victims interviewed are genuine representatives of society, their retaliatory, emotion-based suggestions stood in direct contrast to the public interest. This approach prevented a discussion that would take into account the long-term implications of the terrorists attack and the institutional response (Liebes 1998),” (Kampf, 2014).


The ideology, one should be done by the Uttermost High. In the Bible, John 14:26 says of the following: “But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you,” (NIV). The fascination is that Christ will be the one to make clear how things will happen. The world we live in is very much corrupt and there is always time for a given person to be able to back down.



Amanbayeva, Aida. “The Collision Of Islam And Terrorism In Central Asia”. Asian Journal of Criminology 4, no. 2 (2009): 165-186.

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