The essay question is above and its 1200 words .i have attached the essay plan i wrote for the first assignment.

As you will discover, there are diverging and often conflicting viewpoints discussed in this course. This assessment item (which comprises two tasks) is designed to get you thinking critically about the topic and allow you to present your own viewpoint, as well as develop generic skills in writing and presenting a logical and persuasive argument. Writing an essay allows you to demonstrate your understanding of the subject matter by drawing together concepts learned in lectures and
1001EHR Employment 10 Relations
discussed in tutorials, supplemented by research. You are expected to present an argument based on research in response to the question. Remember, in an argumentative essay:
– a clear position on the topic is presented;
– the position is supported by information/evidence that supports that position; that is, your argument is substantiated;
– opposing viewpoints are presented; and,
– a persuasive conclusion is presented
Using the feedback that you receive on your essay plan (Assessment task 1), Assessment Task 2 is to develop your ideas into a more complete final essay form.
Your final Essay should demonstrate how you have developed your ideas from your plan, incorporating feedback you have received from your tutor. It should be 1200 words (+/- 10%) followed by a reference list with a minimum of 8 academic references.
Format & Reference Style
Use the Harvard system of referencing. Follow instructions in Summers and Smith (2010), pp. 12-13, or you can use the library Referencing Tool (see Learning@Griffith for link).
Summers and Smith (2010), pp. 3-13; 21-42; 77-85; 137-138
Library Resources, including list of relevant journals and books.

Document Preview:

Sharon Mbanga s2628907
Tutorial Time: 8-9pmTutor : Allen Sheppherd
Australian government should stop interfering in the employment relationship
Employment relations are a logical notion widely used in Australia referring to the relationship between employees and employers for whom employees perform work under conditions in return for remuneration. Government interference plays a major role in industrial relationships of employees and employers in determining the laws, rules and regulation that maintain and govern the relations. This paper will first define the the topic and facts. It will then discuss issues regarding government interference in employment relationships .However, the government can intervene to a certain extend because of the laws that govern workplace relations.
Dean Plowman (1991) defines employment relationship is concerned with individual groups and organisation making decisions that shape the relationship between management and labour. Government interference in employment relationship is action that the government change unconstrained decisions, rules and regulations, and workplace relationships between workers and managers.
Key 1- Under the Conciliation and Arbitration Act (1904) Unions had the power to influence managerial decision making through collective bargaining and tribunal action (Ronnmar, 2006). According to Wagner Act employees are given the rights to collectively bargain by the government. As this forbids employers from restraining, and coerce employees in the excurse of their employment rights to form unions, and engaging in activities
Key 2 Under Labour Protection Act (1998) Lack of Labour protection has a major impact on employees and the absence of workers’ rights which can be counterproductive to the interest of organisation, if government does not interfere with protection laws.(Lynn Cunningham 2007) Workers will not only lose …


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