You have chosen to run for elected office in the 2020 campaign season. For this project, you must choose to run for a position at the national level (President, Senator, or House member) and complete a comprehensive campaign plan based on the guidelines described below.

Campaign Newsletter Guidelines

You have chosen to run for elected office in the 2020 campaign season. For this project, you must choose to run for a position at the national level (President, Senator, or House member) and complete a comprehensive campaign plan based on the guidelines described below. The overall project involves two components; (1.) a campaign paper, and (2.) a campaign newsletter.

Part II: Campaign Newsletter Guidelines

· Create a campaign newsletter using Microsoft Word. Review the website for assistance in creating a newsletter. You are also permitted to use other software programs at your discretion and Microsoft Publisher, which is available in the computers at any of the college’s three campuses.

· The newsletter must be a minimum 2 full pages in length.

· The newsletter must include the following:

1. Information about your campaign (candidate’s name, views on

issues, campaign events, etc.)

2. Creative graphics

· The newsletter must be submitted in the Blackboard course page by

following these steps:

1. Click “Module #3.”

2. Then select “Campaign Newsletter”

3. Finally, click the “Browse My Computer” tab to attach the file

and finally click “Submit” at the bottom right corner of the


Newsletter Rubric



Content (covered the main areas in the paper)



Appearance (artistic, creativity, design,   graphics, layout)



Student Name

Campaign Paper

Government 2305


Campaign Paper


My name is Hagan Cowan, a resident of the state of Illinois. I have lived in this state since I was 11 years old and I have fond memories of this place well. I was raised by my mother in the outskirts of this town and I have seen the town grow and thrive well, with people running their private life with some challenges. There are some intriguing issues in this state that have stayed for a long time in the same state with no state intervention to alleviate the plight of many citizens of this state. I am dedicating my life to political life in 2020 in order to deal with some of the most neglected human sectors in order to improve the life of people in this state.

Position of Leadership

In order to better address the problems which affect us on a daily life, I intend to run for the position of a governor of this state come 2020. I have seen enough problems affecting us as people who live in this state and we don’t want to remain in the status quo. I know as people we desire to live better lives, improve their economic lives, and get quality services from the tax which we pay on a daily basis. It is therefore imperative for me to give my life to the service of others as a governor of this state (Wetter 2018). As a governor, I will have an appropriate platform from where I can handle the problems we have in a better way. I will use the resources under my custody to ensure that services are delivered to people. As a governor I will focus on people oriented services to ensure the lives of my fellow citizens are lifted.


My ideologies are based on conservatism because I believe that social change must take place in order to improve the lives of the people. This State is comprised of several ethnicities and therefore every person’s right should be respected (Murray 2012). I believe that for any change to be experienced, all of people must be involved in doing the right things. Everybody should be able play their role, no matter however small it is because in putting our synergy together, we will be able to improve our lives together (Murray 2012). A time has come when we must respect what each person does and his/her properties. People should start owning their property, and this is the ideology which I belief in. every person in this state should be given their space to uplift themselves, this is what conservatism is all about (Murray 2012). By the end of my term, I want to see people who have challenged the status quo and have become as independent as possibly is.

Issues for Action

My core concerns eve n as I prepare to take this seat revolves around four major issues. Firstly, I intend to push for the Universal Care for all groups of people in this state. Time has come that we must face the truth without fear (Reece 2013). We know that the minorities and poor people in this state have not been receiving the highly needed medical services due to lack of money when they fall sick. This is basic right to every American. To achieve this, I will ensure that the monthly subscription towards accessing the medical care is replaced with an annual fee paid each year (Reece 2013). I will lower the amount such that the poor and the minorities are able to access medication without hitches. The rich will be contributing based on the level of income in order to offset the difference created. Secondly, I will address the issue of housing in this state. Many people living in this state do not have proper houses and therefore my government will partner with other like-minded private citizens in order to construct cheap houses for those who have lived for long in filthy housing structures (Reece 2013). Thirdly, I will deal with the issue of firearms. We know that the cases of homicides and suicide have increases in the past few years. I intended to make laws that will allow the use of guns in a proper and responsible way (Wetter 2018). Every person who owns a gun should have basic knowledge on how to behave under different conditions so as not to use their guns irresponsibly (Reece 2013). Lastly, I will deal with the issue of ownership of property. People should be allowed to own their property and make a living form what they have. This will include the minorities who live amidst us. We are aware that the current system makes it hard for minorities, and sometimes the majority groups, to own properties of their own (Reece 2013). The power of a person is depended by how much he can own and therefore our vision is to make the process easy so that every boy can own property, from the least to the great.

Campaign Funds

For my campaign funds, I depend totally on people who believe on my ideologies and visions to support my course. I have set good mechanism in place to organize three fundraisers, on different parts of the state where members will come and contribute as much they can (Leahy 2011). I will use the social media as the main campaign channel because most of the people living in this state are young people who can access social media easily (Ademiloku and Rotimi 2011)Additionally I will use the TV to pass my intentions and sell my ideas to the people of Illinois and request for their support. I also intent to use banners and flyers in order to ensure my ideologies and vision get to all areas of this state (Leahy 2011). I will also use weekly meetings in different towns to raise awareness of my intentions. I will incorporate volunteers in my campaigns to support my course as much as possible (Ademiloku and Rotimi 2011). I will train them on the best way to reach out to the people. I will require strategists, PR agencies, campaign managers in different areas, as well as support group to help me in logistics (Leahy 2011). I will ensure that the group that will help me in my campaigns understands my ideologies well and that they are efficient and effective in all that they do. This will relieve me of much burden so that I can be able to engage higher stakeholders and draw them to this course (Ademiloku and Rotimi 2011). I will also ensure that the volunteers are recruited based on different competences so that their work is done professionally without much struggle.

Impression on Politics

The overall impression of this project is that every person who runs for an office should have a well thought plan and vision in order to sell his ideology well to the people. a leader should be a person who has vision for the people and is ready to communicate well his intentions without fear (Reece 2013). The leader should be fully prepared and armed with facts and truth in order to convince people enough to follow him and buy his ideas. I would like to run for office and leadership in future because I like serving people. I have the ability to change people lives and my desire is use a bigger platform to change many lives for the better.


In conclusion, every person aspiring to lead in a political office should be have been pushed by the conditions surrounding his people. He should have a clear transformative agenda towards his course of leadership in order to convince people of his intentions and how he is going to approach issues differently from what other leaders have done. Political offices are concerned with serving people and delivering services to them. This should be the understanding of leaders aspiring for political seats in different capacities. Leadership is about responsibilities and therefore a leader should be able to see a gap in the society, look for ways to solve it, and ensure that his ideas are transformative.

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